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  La Bandera: A Great Option for Caribbean Food Delivery


A growing number of people are getting into Caribbean food delivery because of the many benefits that it provides. And many people are enjoying La Bandera, a popular dish from the Dominican Republic that has become something of a staple for many Caribbean food fans.


La Bandera is a rich dish that consists mostly of rice, red beans, meat, and various types of vegetables. For example, you can get fried plantains either on top or on the side to create a vibrant dish. Just as importantly, you can have it fried up with various sauces to make it even better.


So if you want this dish or others like it, please visit us at S & M Caribbean Cuisine or call to make a pickup order. We serve Irvington, NJ, and the surrounding areas and will do what is necessary to ensure that you have the best Caribbean food delivery choice for your needs.